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Our Story

Wile E. BBQ is a catering company that offers smoked BBQ foods, as well as, complementary appetizers and side dishes. We offer options for on-site cooking with the smoker, delivery of trays of food or pick-up of trays of food.


Wile E. BBQ meats do not have sauces, but rather a variety of dry rubs and seasoning. Our motto is “if you need sauce, then you didn’t cook the meat correctly”.


The co-owners have a breadth of experience and knowledge on both the cooking side and the business side. Cowboy Kev has researched and tested various styles of BBQ since 2013. His customer focus attitude and vast sales experience provide a winning combination for Wile E. BBQ and its customers. His wife, Caitlin, leverages her MBA and background in the Aerospace industry, for sound business judgement, such as the importance of quality and attention to detail for their food and business management.


Wile E. BBQ has competed in several BBQ competitions, including KCBS sanctioned competitions. They continue to place very well among the competition, even better than nationally recognized teams and 1st place for People’s Choice Pulled Pork during the 2018 Hartford Rib Off.

Wile E. BBQ has experience catering for events including (but not limited to):

- Birthday Parties

- Holiday Parties

- Family Gatherings

- Charity Events (ex. Hike for Heros, Cherish the Children, Bark and Brew) 

- Business Events

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