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  Cowboy Kev

What started as a HOBBY, quickly turned into a PASSION!

Kevin has been cooking for pretty much his whole life, but as far as BBQ goes, only for the last 4 years or so. He started off how many of you probably did, with a cheap offset smoker. His was a 4 in 1 from Sam's Club that was a house warming present and he loved it. The first thing he did was set up the smoker and try to cook some ribs. They were edible, but nothing special. From that moment he was hooked! He started buying books and watching TV shows. Then he discovered the wealth of information, both good and bad on YouTube. From there he progressed to making his own cooker and built a UDS (ugly drum smoker).  Around the same time his friend had a few Lang smokers and was generous enough to let him borrow one. Soon he found every excuse to light the pit every chance he could. His competitive nature started to surface as he did what many of you have done, he started watching “BBQ Pitmasters” and he said "I am going to do that!"  

Since then, Kevin has attended cook schools with Myron Mixon, competed in numerous BBQ competitions and has had the privilege of cooking with Rodney Renner and Bubba Latimer of Smokin at the Track. He has also cooked with Van Hurd from Taino's Smokehouse and Hell's Kitchen. 


Kevin currently writes a monthly blog for Man Meat BBQ's site. 

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