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BBQ Competitions

Hartford Rib Off  - June 2018

Placed 5th Overall

16 teams competed

Friday Night: Grill Surf and Turf
Placed 7 in Shrimp
Placed 13 in Steak
Sat: KCBS sanctioned BBQ competition
Placed 9 in Chicken
Placed 4 in Pork Ribs
Placed 4 in Pulled Pork
Placed 6 in Brisket

Placed 1st in People's Choice Pulled Pork

Sam's Club National BBQ Tour - August 2017

Placed 22nd Overall

30 teams competed

Placed 24 in Chicken  

Placed 11 in Pork Ribs 
Placed 21  in Pork
Placed 17 in Brisket

Hartford Rib Off - June 2017

Placed ?? Overall

12 teams competed

Placed 2 in Chicken  

Placed 3 in Pork Ribs 
Placed ??  in Pork
Placed ?? in Brisket

Hartford Rib Off - June 2016

Placed 3rd Overall

11 teams competed

Submitted Chicken  

Submitted Pork Ribs 
Submitted Brisket

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